The fighting resumed at dawn. compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. Details Book Author : John Rigdon Category : History Publisher : Published : 2022-12-17 Type : PDF & EPUB Page : 0 Download . Assigned to Terrys Consolidated Brigade, Gordons Division, Valley District, Department of Northern Virginia. Subsequently, assigned to General William E. Jones (who commanded western Virginia troops), Col. McCausland was promoted to brigadier general of what had been the late Gen. Albert Jenkins' cavalry brigade. 5th Virginia Infantry 61st Virginia Infantry It fought mostly with the Army of Northern Virginia . Its field officers were Colonels James W. Allen, Lawson Botts, and John Q.A. Colonel Botts was mortally wounded by a bullet to the face. In addition to First Manassas, it fought at Second Manassas (after First Kernstown and Jackson's Valley Campaign and with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor). Albany: J. The brigade moved out after dark. 15th Virginia Infantry Howard Inc. Virginia Regimental History Series, 1st edition 1987), List of West Virginia Civil War Confederate units,, This page was last edited on 3 April 2023, at 15:45. He was relieved of command and replaced by Gen. John S. Echols, who however was retreating from Charleston by month's end. Marched from Winchester to the east, fording the Shenandoah at dusk and marching until after midnight. Advanced to the Union positions on Malvern Hill but found them abandoned. The brigade served as the rear guard for the army. 37th Virginia Infantry 4th Virginia Cavalry It reported 90 casualties at First Kernstown, 25 at Cross Keys and Port Republic, 27 at Gaines' Mill, and 77 at Second Manassas. 25th Virginia Cavalry Dr. Hunter McGuire, who eventually would become the Second Corps' Chief Surgeon (and amputated Stonewall Jackson's arm after Chancellorsville and the leg of Isaac Trimble after Gettysburg), initially enlisted as a private in Company F. He became active with the Medical Society of Virginia and a president of the American Medical Association, and later contributed to the First Geneva Convention. 8x11 All six volumes in the above as a set, with a savings of $32 off the price of individually purchased volumes. Staunton, McClanahans Virginia Artillery This page was last edited on 7 December 2022, at 16:53. However if you are unsure which company your ancestor was in, try the company recruited in his county first. Alabama Regiments, Rosters and Muster Rolls, Fort Blakeley, AL -The Last Battle of the Civil War, Military Units Participating in 1865 Mobile Campaign, The Mobile Campaign, Battle of Fort Blakely and Spanish Fort, History of the 42nd Alabama Infantry, C.S.A, Official History of the 42nd Alabama Infantry, Arkansas Regiments, Rosters and Muster Rolls, History of the 19th Dawsons Arkansas Infantry Regiment, Florida Regiments, Rosters and Muster Rolls, Georgia Regiments, Rosters and Muster Rolls, Georgia (extreme southern portion) (1864), NY Herald map of Georgia and Tennessee, 1863. Evacuation of Harpers Ferry. The 42nd Regiment, Virginia Infantry organized at Staunton, Virginia, in July, 1861, recruited its members in Henry, Floyd, Bedford, Campbell, Roanoke, Patrick, and Franklin counties. Of the 254 engaged at Gettysburg, six percent were disabled. Copyright 1999-2020, AccessGenealogy. The regiment went into the fight with 80 men on August 30 under the command of Captain Raleigh T. Colston. Message book and diary (in one volume) kept by Phillips during the period April 24, 1864 - July 13, 1864; he was a signalman serving with the 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 1st & 2nd Stuart Horse Virginia Artillery Botetourt Virginia Artillery Then it suffered 29 dead, 36 wounded and 112 captured at the Battle of Piedmont. Virginia Reserves After many battles, companies might be combined because so many men were killed or wounded. Many of its members were from Augusta County. The asterisk (*) will match any number of characters (including zero). Marched at dawn for Mine Run and deployed on the left of the army. Moved to Richmond for a rest break and went into camp at Glenwood, a farm owned by Hugh While about three miles out of Richmond on the Mechanicsville Turnpike. The unit was reorganized near Pearisburg. Examples of search terms include: Using quotes around phrases may return fewer, more relevant results. [2] Capt. Units of the Confederate States Army" by Joseph H. Crute, Jr. contains no history for this unit. He was replaced by Brigadier General Charles Winder. The unit was accepted into Confederate service in July. The unit was composed of infantry and cavalry until December when the cavalry companies united with other companies to form the 18th Regiment Virginia Partisan Rangers, and at times the 62nd Partisan Rangers, the 62nd Infantry, and Imboden's Partisan Rangers. Marched north 25 miles to Salem. Union Regimental Histories Directory, IV. 2nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Partial Roster of the 2nd West Virginia Vol. Some of its troops skirmished in Raleigh County in January, Boone and Nicholas Counties in February and again in Raleigh County in March. Brooke, Fauquier, Loudoun & Alexandria Virginia Artillery In June additional recruits joined at camps near Charleston. Terrys Brigade was in reserve and not engaged. This work seeks to record all of the casualties incurred by the men in Virginia regiments during the Civil War in a single source. Other recruits by Col. Tompkins became the Kanawha Regiment (later the 22nd Virginia Infantry). Hotlinks to Detailed Regimental Information: . Giles, Alleghany & Jackson Virginia Artillery Index to unofficial rosters of soldiers from Virginia who served for the Confederate States of America during the Civil War,, search Richmond Howitzers Virginia Artillery In late September 1861, Albert Beckett's Cavalry was mustered out of this regiment. Expedition to destroy Dam #5 on the Potomac and wreck the C&O Canal. 4. Download Bennings Brigade A History And Roster Of The Second Seventeenth And Twentieth Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiments full books in PDF, epub, and Kindle. On April 27, 1861, the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 27th, and 33rd Virginia infantry regiments, along with the Rockbridge Artillery Battery, were combined into what was then called "Virginia's First Brigade" and placed under the command of Brigadier General Thomas J. Jackson. Crossed the Chickahominy and halted at White Oak Swamp. [2] It was formally enrolled in the Confederate Army and designated the 36th Virginia Infantry on July 15, 1861. history historical sketch and roster. Passed through Winchester and reached Newtown after nightfall in a pouring rain. 8x11 331 pp. Lieutenant Colonel William Randolph was killed the last of seven colonels to command the regiment, all but one of whom were killed in action. 2nd Virginia Cavalry - This is a nice example of an early war issue, cartridge box; inked and in pencil, on the interior of the cover, is the following: "Reuben Smink. Lurtys Roanoke Virginia Horse Artillery, VIRGINIA'S CIVIL WAR CASUALTIES: A ROSTER, VOLUME 5 Its companies were drawn from the counties of DeKalb, Coffee, Warren, Putnam, and White. Confederate Regimental Histories Directory, III. The brigade followed the retreating Federals to Harrisons Landing. The Stonewall Brigade was unengaged in reserve. After a sixteen hour march they reached Spotsylvania Court House, where they were double timed into line of battle under artillery fire. 19th Virginia Cavalry The regiment lost 3 men killed and 11 wounded including Sergeant-Major Burwell, who was mortally wounded. The 36th Virginia skirmished in Raleigh county on December 20 and Roane County on Christmas, then encamped in Mercer County during the winter of 18621863. Lippincott 1875) p. 125 available at, List of West Virginia Civil War Confederate units, "Stonewall Brigade Encyclopedia Virginia",,, Units and formations of the Confederate States Army from Virginia, Berkeley County, West Virginia, in the American Civil War, Military units and formations established in 1861, Military units and formations disestablished in 1865, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from public domain works of the United States Government, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 11 December 2022, at 09:05. 62nd Virginia Infantry 34th Virginia Infantry We are up to 21,569 people, so far. VMI professor Thomas Jonathan Jackson arrived on Monday, April 29 and organized the volunteer craftsmen, laborers and farmers of the ten drilled companies into regiments, revolutionizing their notions of war in a short time. The regiment started the fight with 140 men and suffered 15 men killed and 43 wounded. 63rd Virginia Infantry The only casualty of the expedition was an artilleryman on one of the accompanying batteries (Chews Battery and the Rockbridge Artillery) was killed. Fluvanna Virginia Artillery Civil War, 1861-1865 - Regimental histories. 9th Virginia Infantry CS Navy This is an index to a collection ofunofficial rosters of soldiers from Virginia who served in the military forces of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. The brigade replenished its ammunition and cleaned their guns before returning to the attack, moving in between Jones and Nicholls Brigades on the right of the line. Execution of four deserters from Jacksons Division who had been captured in the Shenandoah Valley and returned to the army. Heavy Artillery Infantry (hosted at The Great Rebellion ) Mississippi Regiments, Rosters, and Muster Rolls Missouri Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States Cavalry Artillery Engineers Infantry Missouri Home Guard Militia Organizations The Twenty-first Missouri Volunteer Infantry (hosted at Brenda's Family Page) West Virginia in the Civil War | | Steven A. Cunningham | Copyright All Rights Reserved. 13th Virginia Infantry 24th Virginia Cavalry It was not present at Sharpsburg. It gained its nickname at what became the First Battle of Manassas on July 21, 1861. The command was mounted during the latter part of 1863 and served in Imboden's Brigade. This is the concluding volume of a work which seeks to record all of the casualties incurred by the men in Virginia regiments during the Civil War in a single source. It consisted of seven companies, 476 privates and the usual regimental officers. The regiment was commanded by Captain Colston and was detached at Martinsburg on September 13. In addition, Virginia-born men who served in other regiments and commands are also included. After many battles, companies might be combined because so many men were killed or wounded. It and the 22nd Virginia were initially assigned under the command of former Virginia Governor Henry A. 39th Battalion Virginia Cavalry Later, another regiment, designated the 6th Virginia Infantry, was created to fulfill the President's additional call for volunteers. 17th Virginia Cavalry Danville, Eighth Star New Market & Dixie Virginia Artillery Culps Hill and Private Wesley Culp Encyclopedia Virginia. 2nd Regiment, Virginia Infantry Overview: 2nd Infantry Regiment was assembled at Charles Town in April, 1861, then moved to Harper's Ferry to seize the armory. 57th Virginia Infantry 30th Virginia Infantry Battalion (Sharpshooters), Dennis Frye Discusses: The 2nd Virginia Infantry, Compendium of the Confederate Armies: Virginia, A Guide to Virginias Military Organizations, 1861-1865. The 52nd Virginia Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment raised in Virginia for service in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. The roster includes all companies within the regiment. The unit was accepted into Confederate service in July. VIRGINIA'S CIVIL WAR CASUALTIES: A ROSTER, VOLUME 1 Company I. Chapman K King - Private. Home; Service. 39th Virginia Infantry It skirmished in Boone County on March 11, then in Logan and Fayette Counties on April 49, 1863, then in Pike County, Kentucky on May 9 and in Faytetteville on May 15 and 20. 4th Virginia Infantry PDF Download Are you looking for read ebook online? [Civil War Links and Information] [Rosters of men who served Virginia from the lower Shenandoah Valley] ROSTER OF "CLARKE RIFLES" CO I 2nd REGIMENT VIRGINIA INFANTRY (Capt. The 62nd was returned to Gen. Imboden upon the latter's frequent requests. As the volunteer units approached the armory, they heard a roar and saw a flash as Lt. Roger Jones and his U.S. army regulars blew up the arsenal at 10p.m. to send him drill instructors for men recruited by Col. Christopher Q. Tompkins and sent to Camp Buffalo. The 52nd Virginia was organized at Staunton, Virginia, in August 1861. Its companies were from the counties of Clarke, Frederick, Floyd, Jefferson, and Berkeley. Colonel James W. Allen was struck in the head and instantly killed while leading the assault. Since there are over 300 Military Units from Missouri in the Civil War, I will be adding the rosters as they are completed. 40th Virginia Infantry 2nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry: VA Camp Lee: Camp Cuba Libre: Various VA: 7th-2nd-3rd Stateside * 3rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry: VA Camp Lee: Camp Alger (2) Richmond VA: 2nd-3rd-2nd Stateside * 4th Virginia Volunteer Infantry: VA Camp Lee: Camp Cuba Libre: Camp Onward: 7th-2nd-2nd Cuba Occ * 6th Virginia Volunteer Infantry: VA Camp H. C . Its companies were from the counties of Clarke, Frederick, Floyd, Jefferson, and Berkeley. The regiment lost 8 killed and 58 wounded in the battle, mostly in the two charges on the breastworks on May 3. The march then resumed at a fast pace in the hot, dry dusty day. Part 1 Officers: (in rank order) Bowen, Strother H. - Kelly, John 3rd Virginia Infantry When the attack was pinned down by artillery fire the regiment was sent in a flank attack, which was thrown back. Returned to Winchester and went into winter quarters at Camp Zollicoffer, four miles north of town. Many of the men ran out of ammunition and defended the position with bayonets or thrown rocks until Longstreets assault saved the line from collapse. General Background On How Civil War Units Were Organized:Infantry Artillery Cavalry, II. A directory of resources providing online access to military records. 45th Battalion Virginia Cavalry 54th Virginia Infantry Ashland Virginia Artillery The 2nd Virginia fought at many famous battles throughout the conflict. A major Federal attack punched through the Confederate line north of the brigade and overwhelmed the Confederate defenders from front, flank and rear. Hill), Army of Northern Virginia The 62nd was detached from Imboden's Brigade and served with Breckinridge against Grant's offensive. Here the 36th Virginia escaped surrender at the Battle of Fort Donelson. 56th Virginia Infantry The brigade and its commander earned the name, Stonewall. Colonel Allen was wounded. In the previous months, the unit was sometimes known as "Virginia's First Brigade", which caused confusion as the 1st Virginia Infantry was established at Richmond in May 1861 and composed of regular Virginia troops. The regiment reenlisted for three years or the war and was reorganized. Sent to Virginia, the unit was active in Lee's Cheat Mountain Campaign and later moved to South Carolina, Georgia . 21th Virginia Cavalry Battle of Cold Harbor. Its companies were from the counties of Clarke, Frederick, Floyd, Jefferson, and Berkeley. compiled by Thomas M. Spratt. Nadenbousch of Company D took over the regiment after Lt. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Many of its members were from Augusta County. The fighting continued for five hours, when the division was pulled back to Benners Hill around 9 a.m. The 36th Virginia was involved in skirmishes on January 23, 1862 in Mercer County, West Virginia and January 28, 1862 in Raleigh County, West Virginia. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. 58th Virginia Infantry 8x11 457 pp. 2nd Virginia Infantry, A Guide to Virginias Military Organizations, 1861-1865, by Lee A. Wallace, Jr., pp. ; Czy Dostpne S Darmowe Gry Hazardowe Od Promatic - Co powiesz na zasuone wakacje w adnym i sonecznym miejscu, takim jak na przykad Kajmany. Fr historical sketch and roster of the virginia. 44th Virginia Infantry Battalion will match any one character. 16th Virginia Infantry [1]. Captain J.W.A. But the attack had stalled, and the brigade took position behind Steuarts Brigade on the left of the line. Virginia State Rangers and State Line The primary counties of recruitment were Putnam, Boone, Roane, Nicholas, Raleigh, Logan, Giles and Bland. of Confederate Military Records, 1859-1996 (bulk 1861-1864, 1905-1918) Series II: Unit Records Subseries 3: Infantry Return to top of page 30th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company F, USA, 1st Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, Company E, CSA, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 7th Regiment, USA, 53rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, USA, 71st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, USA, Kershaw's Brigade (Army of Northern Virginia, CSA), 1st South Carolina (Martin's) Mounted Militia, CSA, 2nd South Carolina Cavalry (Hampton's Legion). Secured the high ground east of Winchester, skirmishing with Union forces. Colonel Botts died on September 16 at the home of a minister in Middleburg.Captain Edwin L. Moore of Company G was promoted to major, and was detached as acting A.I.G. . The 1st and 2nd Battalions Infantry, consisting of colored soldiers, were mustered into this regiment. On the 30th the morning was quiet, but in the afternoon three heavy Federal attacks were driven back. Moved north to Face Popes Army of Virginia, Marched to Gordonsville through Louisa County, Camped outside Gordonsville at Green Spring, Marched north along the Madison Court House Road to the Terrell farm, Moved north from Gordonsville toward Pope, Forded the Rapidan River and went into bivouac a mile north of the river, Withdrew from the battlefield to near Gordonsville. Download full books in PDF and EPUB format. Captain William W. Randolph was promoted to lieutenant colonel and Captain Charles Stewart of Company K was promoted to major. Company A (Valley Rifles) - many men from Augusta and Highland Counties, Company B ( Hardy Blues) - many men from Hardy County, Company C. - many men from Pendleton County, Company D - many men from Pendleton County, Company E - many men from Barbour County, Company F (Franklin Guards) - many men from Pendleton County, Company G - many men from Braxton County, Company H - many men from Hampshire County, Company I (Pendleton Rifles) - many men from Pendleton County, Company K - many men from Pendleton County. Moved from Camp Harman to a camp near Fairfax Court House, Brigadier General Jackson was promoted to Major General. That machinery was soon shipped to the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia for Confederate use. Brother to Thomas Baker King and Russell Robert King. Subscribe to this website and receive notification each time a free genealogy resource is newly published. Company A (Henry Volunteers) - many men from Henry County, 42nd Regiment, Virginia Infantry (Confederate), Companies in this Regiment with the Counties of Origin, Beginning United States Civil War Research, The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System,,_Virginia_Infantry_(Confederate)&oldid=5062851, Virginia - Military - Civil War, 1861-1865. The question mark (?) Marched to Harrisonburg and deposited knapsacks at the courthouse. The regiment marched 35 miles on May 30 in its second day without food. Lieutenant Colonel Lackland died of pneumonia and heart disease. Moved to Camp Harman, a mile east of Centerville, the old camp having become so unhealthy it was nicknamed Camp Maggot. 1st & 2nd Rockbridge Virginia Artillery Most of these men were from Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Dennis E. Frye, 2nd Virginia Infantry (Lynchburg, H.E. 30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters 1841. 59th Virginia Infantry Search termsinclude the name, rank, battallion, battery, company, regiment, or other service units. 5th Virginia Cavalry Continued through Strasburg and a few miles south of town to rejoin Jacksons main force, escaping the Union trap. 8x11 439 pp. The army boarded trains at Meechums River Station and returned to Staunton in the Valley. 2nd Louisiana Regiment: Co. F ( 3rd Louisiana Regiment. Taylors Virginia Infantry Many of the men were without shoes or socks. 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, West Virginia, to July, 1865. Regiments, Batteries and smaller units present on the Maryland Campaign of 1862 are listed below. The field officers were Colonels John B. Baldwin, Michael G. Harman, John D. Lilley, John D.H. Ross, and Thomas H. Watkins. In addition, Virginia-born men who served in other regiments and commands are also included. After a night march, the brigade reached the battlefield at dawn and attacked Milroys retreating men. "Ch*ter" will match "Charter", "Character", and "Chapter", and "Temp*" will match "Temptation", "Temple", and "Temporary". 35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry 2nd Virginia Cavalry Brigade: 2d Cavalry Regiment (Mumford's) 2nd Cavalry State Line McNeels Co. 2nd Cavalry Battalion: Morris, Orange & King William Virginia Artillery CS Signal Corps. Crossed the river before dawn and formed for an attack in the wheatfield to the east of the river. Arrived at Manassas marching to a position behind Blackburns and Mitchells Fords. Historical Sketch And Roster Of The Virginia 45th Infantry Regiment. Went into camp at Mount Solon, ten miles south of Harrisonburg. Camped on the Plank Road near Montpelier. The march continued through the Thoroughfare Gap to Bristoe. The brigade formed line of battle with the 2nd in the center of the line and attacked the Union position, but were pinned down by heavy artillery fire. John Rowan and the Jefferson Guards led the volunteers into Harpers Ferry three hours later, meeting no opposition and noticing that while 15,000 weapons had been destroyed, townspeople had saved the buildings and weapon-producing machinery inside. It fought mostly with the Army of Northern Virginia. Brunswick Rebel, Johnston, Southsides, United, James City, Lunenburg Rebel, Pamunkey & Youngs Harborguard Virginia Artillery the characters talent agency roster,

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